A leading Sound Healing brand, Wellness Vibe gets a deeper Internet reach and traction

Client: Shri Rivesh Vade / WellnessVibe

Website: www.wellnessvibe.com

Based in: Thane / Mumbai

Area of operation: National / International

Saral Infosoft SEO campaign helped the brand enhance its presence on the web, increase traffic and secure top rankings for non-branded searches. 

SEO Objectives:

A leading international Sound Therapy brand, Wellness Vibe wanted to expand its horizons on the web and thereby drive its business further.

The brand wanted to attain the following objectives:

  • To increase the natural search engine rankings
  • To increase organic search engine traffic.
  • To improve engagement
  • To get a bigger share for non branded industry specific searches

SEO Challenges:

The client was at a start-up stage as far as their search profile was concerned, at the beginning of the project. Ranking on the 3rd page of Google.

Saral Infosoft team was assigned the task to gain prominent positions in Google India search engine for high volumes, generic keywords which would consequently be instrumental in increasing the level of traffic to the client’s website.

Higher traffic in most cases leads to higher leads and therefore more business opportunities.

Website had some issues pertaining to the technical and flexibility aspect that needed to be fixed as per best practices.

A major challenge was limitations in access to data/CMS. It limited improvements and changes on all fronts.

Our Goal:

To increase Search Ranking for Local Keywords and to increase traffic nationally and internationally.

The Saral Infosoft SEO Solution:

Our team designed a comprehensive organic search marketingsearch engine optimization(SEO) program for the web site.

  • Initiated the campaign with a handful of local keywords targeted at business priority products, events and workshops.
  • The keyword nucleus was increased 5folds as the website gained visibility.
  • Defined a methodology to add extra content on the website so that landing pages were optimized to attract traffic and increase the engagement for its products.
  • Extensive keywords research with strong focus on pre-qualified visitors.
  • Suggested creation of resource center in order to keep the website loaded with fresh content and be an industry wide thought leader. 


The campaign significantly increased the website’s web traffic and thereby enhanced the site’s rankings on the search engines.

  • Over 200% increase in Organic visits(Monthly)
  • Over 700% increase in appearance on Google Search Engine
  • Secured Top5 rankings for competitive non branded keywords such as ‘Sound Therapy Mumbai’

Before SEO by Saral Infosoft: (Period: Dec – Jan 2018)

After 6 Months of SEO by Saral Infosoft (Period May – June 2019):

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